Customers across the world have after suitable due diligence, chosen to outsource all their financial and advisory activities to BFAG. There are several features and unique advantages that we, at BFAG, offer to our customers:  


  • 400+ years of collective experience
  • Experienced accounting and advisory staff
  • Qualified CPAs and CAs who are well versed with payroll and taxation; specifically regulations prevailing in India and the USA
  • Expert advice and execution support to ensure compliance with various applicable regulatory norms such as GAAP, FASB, GAS, and IFRS

Service Level:

  • Adoption of best accounting practices
  • Review and cleanup of existing data
  • Multiple levels of quality control using the maker-checker concept to ensure accuracy of data
  • Quarterly internal audit by the QA team
  • 24x7 customer support with dedicated account executive for each customer
  • Dedicated email id for each customer
  • Creation of dedicated teams, on request, to exclusively handle all activities specific to the customer
  • Stringent security control


  • Book keeping and daily update of financial data 
  • Management of accounts, payroll, taxation, budgeting, and more
  • Management accounting tools in the form of personalized dashboard
  • Advisory and support services on topics ranging from incorporation to acquisitions

Technology Advantage:

  • Technology-oriented approach to reduce human errors and improve turnaround times
  • Smart processes to track and digitize every piece of information in financial documents with minimal human intervention
  • Paperless office environment
  • 24x7 secure online access