Data Security

Financial services mandate an extremely high level of security and confidentiality. Outsourcing of these services implies that privacy and security of the data shared becomes paramount. At BFAG, we ensure that data is never compromised at our delivery centers, and our security infrastructure, compliance and training are top-notch.

Here is what our three-tier security measures offer:

Employee Data Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Third-party background checks
  • No access to personal emails and internet

Network IT Security

  • Intrusion detection and management
  • DMZ management for stronger gatekeeping
  • Hardwired firewall management
  • QWASP rules for application and server hardening
  • No option to copy data from desktops
  • SSL secure network

Infrastructure Safeguards

  • Bio-metric access system
  • 24 x 7 CCTV monitoring
  • Power back-up and disaster management systems
  • Regular data back-up in server farms
  • Multi-lease line ports connectivity¬†
  • Lockers to employees to prevent carrying personal belongings to workplace