Mergers and Acquisitions


Merger and acquisitions have emerged as the most effective means of inorganic growth. However, many mergers and acquisitions fail to bear fruit due to inadequate planning, incorrect valuations, or poor post-merger integration.
BFAG partners with some of the experts in the industry to offer guidance and support at each stage of planning, execution, and consolidation of mergers and acquisitions.

Due Diligence

Team BFAG works closely with your strategic teams to identify and evaluate target companies.

 Our due diligence services include:

  • Commercial and operational due diligence to provides a coherent overview of business operations including quality and scale of operations
  • Financial and commercial due diligence, including target-specific market risks, industry-specific investment risks, market prospects, and value-creating opportunities
  • Analysis of financial performance and market valuation and evaluation of their impact on financial reporting for pre-and post-deal strategies

Business Valuation

Valuation of a business or part / segment of a business requires deep understanding of complex factors such as market segment, technology, projected performance, current economic outlook, and industry knowledge. We, at BFAG, put our many years of industry experience to use by providing strategies, methodologies, and models to undertake valuation of target companies.

Execution and Reporting

Once the fair price of a the target’s stock is ascertained, we work with your M&A team to identity a roadmap to make an effective bid, rollout the merger / take-over, and submit relevant reports.

 Our services include:

  • Identifying the right time and approach to make the offer / bid
  • Finalizing bid prices
  • Obtaining necessary approvals
  • Identifying sources of funds
  • Structuring the payment terms (cash, stock, options, etc.)
  • Making statutory submissions to announce and complete the deal.