Amar Tumplwar

Vice President – Business Development

As VP –  Business Development at Boston Financial Advisory Group, Amar is responsible for setting up BFAG in the GCC region and managing the business development back office. He has been instrumental in forging M & A deals and ensure that they reach to the fruitful conclusion. He has been quite instrumental in Identification of probable synergies and forging new alliances wherever possible thereby increasing the reach of the organisation. Constituting the direct and indirect sales team and spearheading the marketing campaign thru excellent communication has been his forte.

A Law and management graduate and a veteran in handling complex Indian clients, his experience of more than 18 years in operations and business development across various industry verticals has enabled him to successfully develop and operate sales processes effectively for BFAG. His proficiency in client engagement and prospect identification makes him a valuable asset in the corporate environment.

Specialities : Prospect Identification and Client Engagement, Strategic Collaboration and Channel Development, Data mining and Analysis, back office management.