Ganesh Padakannaya

Vice President – Operations

Ganesh is a highly result-oriented professional with a proven track record.  His acumen in business valuations, business deals, and business structuring and management consultancy to the clients makes him a valued asset.  As VP Operations at the Boston Financial Advisory Group, he manages end-to-end delivery of all F&A processes and works extensively in developing M&A acquisition and disposition model. He is recognized as a leader with strong planning, organization and implementation skill.

Managed deputy to Controller Level Functions in Publicly traded Companies with several Subsidiary in Several Jurisdictions , he gained experience of working with different jurisdictional GAAP, consolidation etc., which gave him the opportunity to critically examine business models with different applicable legal setups. His experience in taxation and assurance provided him with the ability to efficiently carry out the due diligence practice within the organization.

Ganesh mainly invests his time in driving the development, sustenance and continual improvement of robust operating frameworks for all the processes that support business outcomes and strategy.  He also specializes in proposing, negotiating and managing budgets in accordance with internal procedures, quality and cost control.

Ganesh is Chartered Accountant and Corporate Secretary with decade plus experience.

Specialities: Jurisdictional GAAP, Business Structuring and Management Consultancy, Acquisition Valuation, taxation and assurance, GAAP consolidation.