Advantages of Employee Self Service Module in Outsourced Payroll Services

Advantages of Employee Self Service Module in Outsourced Payroll Services

Advantages of Employee Self Service Module in Outsourced Payroll Services

An Employee Self Service Module(ESSM) is a common Human Resource practice that firms use to increase the transparency/efficiency of the employees with respect to payroll related questions, holidays and other issues. For the management of any company, answering these frequent questions of employees can be a time consuming task and ESSM is something that can take this load off and this can be done by installing simple software!
If you have employed an outsourced payroll service provider, these are a few advantages that you may be looking at:

  1. Transparency:

    Once you install the ESSM portal or software and grant access to the employees, they will be able to check their records on their own. This comes very handy when payroll data has to be accessed and you have an outsourced partner, the employees can directly communicate with them and rectify or raise any doubts

  2. Increased efficiency:

    Your payroll partner can directly contact and track your employee records, this will help reduce the processing time to a huge extent leading to efficiency in payroll processing.

  3. Updated employee information:

    Your employees can update their payroll related information directly to the ESSM portal which your payroll partner can access to process the payroll. This includes their approved paid or unpaid holidays, other leaves, absentees or late marks, new Joinee, left employees, tax declaration, income tax proof submission etc

  4. Payslips:

    Through the ESSM portals, employees can access their payslips as and when they require. The employees can track their pay and also be able to store the payslips in their computers or emails, all through the portal.

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