Advisory Services

Advisory Services

CFO Services

CFOs today play a vital role in any company. In these times, when missing a quarterly EPS estimate by even as much as a penny is sensitive to your company’s stock prices, your reach now extends far beyond the traditional role of reporting finances.

Today, CFOs responsibilities include:

  • Forging proactive and value-added partnerships that support decision-making throughout the company
  • Maximizing utilization of resources to continually improve the company’s efficiency
  • Developing and managing your company’s business intelligence
  • Providing faster access to key information to support business decisions
  • Charting the future course of the company in terms of growth, both organically and inorganically

The senior leadership team at BFAG has developed a unique set of services addressing these growing demands in the form of strategies blended with technology that enable CFOs:

  • Capitalize on current IT infrastructure to create a single source for integrating financial and operating information
  • Reduce the total cost of the finance function by increasing the time spent on analysis as against transactional processing
  • Improve overall corporate performance by improving core financial processes
  • Gain access to real-time management information to aid decision making at the click of a button.