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Startup India Solution

Startup Solution – Process of Getting Registration Under Startup India

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry India (MoCI) is encouraging startup entrepreneurship intending to boost the Indian economy. A startup entrepreneur needs to apply for the Startup India Certificate to be issued by the DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade). Here is the registration process. Startup...

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Business Plan Format that works for you

A Business Plan helps entrepreneurs to raise capital. It is the process of going through essential questions. It is necessary that your Business Plan meets your needs. There are two main categories of Business Plans: 1. Traditional Business Plan Traditional Business Plans are standard and comprehensive as well explained in...

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What to Expect from a Forex Advisory as a Business

What to Expect from a Forex Advisory as a Business?

Foreign Exchange, or Forex, refers to the conversion of a nation’s currency unit into another. The trading of currencies happens on global over-the-counter exchanges. This is an exceptionally large market. But it is not so just because of the trading interest of investors. This is because businesses are a...

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The Importance of Being FEMA Compliant

The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) was a regulation brought by the Indian government in 1991 in order to regulate cross-border Forex Transactions. It replaced the much more stringent Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) and was aimed at fostering a more liberal economy in India. FEMA details the procedures...

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The Importance of Financial Analytics to Businesses

The finance function is considered the lifeblood of any business, and for good reason. It helps channelize the monetary resources required to run a business. Even if the core product or service of a business is not related to the financial world, this function plays a crucial role. Its...

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Five strategies to survive the cash flow crisis

One of the smartest moves to build a healthy business is managing and improving cash flow. According to Business Insider, approximately 82% of the businesses or startups fail to survive due to the problems in cash flow management. Cash flow has a dramatic impact on the business and problems...

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Five ways to improve your budgeting and forecasting

“The more you know about your company, the better decisions you can make.” Budgeting and forecasting are the most important parts of financial planning, regardless of the size of the business. Inaccuracy or inefficiency in this can lead to huge losses or even failure in the business. Here are...

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