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Guide to Post Merger Integration Process

The post-merger integration is a dicey angle of Merger and Acquisition (M&A). It is a long and critical process of combining and rearranging participant companies in order to maximize potential efficiencies. The Post – Merger Integration or M&A Integration Process should be handled carefully because realizing the maximum potential...

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What is Source-to-pay (S2P)?

Technology has automated most of the business processes. Automating the purchase cycle is one of the fastest ways to increase the efficiency of a business. Source-to-pay is one of these effective technologies that lead to fasten the procurement system and lower procurement expenses. Therefore, an optimized procurement process is...

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What Is Cash to Order and its Process?

What is Order to Cash? TheOrder-to-Cash (O2C or OTC) is the entire process involves in the order processing system starts with receiving an order from a buyer.  The order processing involves Order Management, Order Fulfillment and Shipping, Invoice Generation and Payment, and Account Receivables. The complexity of the OTC...

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The Solution for Financial Transaction Processing Challenges

Financial Transaction Processing (FTP) is a very broad term. Recording monetary transactions and preparing financial statements are just two of its aspects. It includes an array of functions like Accounts Receivables & Payables, Inventory Management, Project Finance, Budgeting, Travel Accounting, Vendor Management, etc. Moreover, all these functions are interlinked...

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Startup Funding Options

A Startup should be financially backed up through a sound idea. You need to get an idea that can generate funds for sufficient capital. It helps startups to grow further. Lack of sufficient funds may result in failure, especially when it is a startup. Therefore the planning of funding...

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Startup India Solution

Startup Solution – Process of Getting Registration Under Startup India

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry India (MoCI) is encouraging startup entrepreneurship intending to boost the Indian economy. A startup entrepreneur needs to apply for the Startup India Certificate to be issued by the DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade). Here is the registration process. Startup...

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Business Plan Format that works for you

A Business Plan helps entrepreneurs to raise capital. It is the process of going through essential questions. It is necessary that your Business Plan meets your needs. There are two main categories of Business Plans: 1. Traditional Business Plan Traditional Business Plans are standard and comprehensive as well explained in...

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What to Expect from a Forex Advisory as a Business

What to Expect from a Forex Advisory as a Business?

Foreign Exchange, or Forex, refers to the conversion of a nation’s currency unit into another. The trading of currencies happens on global over-the-counter exchanges. This is an exceptionally large market. But it is not so just because of the trading interest of investors. This is because businesses are a...

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