Corporate Structuring and Planning

Corporate Structuring and Planning

A well-defined Corporate Structure is of utmost importance to every startup at the initial stage, as friction and miscommunication within the organization can lead to losses and unwanted issues in operations. It creates a strong base for successful operations and helps businesses grow with well-defined authorities and responsibilities on the corporate ladder.

What is Corporate Structuring?

Corporate Structuring is the process of establishing the basic structure of a company, consisting of a board of directors and the management team. It aligns the departments and units in the company. Corporate Structuring can be based on work, product line, or regions.
Every structure has top management teams of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), and a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Together, they aim at maximizing shareholder value in the company. The board ensures that shareholders are sufficiently characterized, and management accomplishes the day-to-day operations. Most boards include management team members.

Importance of Corporate Structure Planning

  • Attain your objectives through coordinated activities:

Generally, startups or small businesses lack organizational structure, and entrepreneurs take many responsibilities and may juggle between multiple tasks and priorities. Corporate Structuring serves your company as a framework to run your business. You can define what roles are needed to run the business and hire people in specific positions. You will be able to visualize where you are headed and align your operations efficiently.

  • Reduce runarounds and keep conflicts at bay:

The runarounds appear if it is not defined who is responsible for what. A well-defined company structure establishes the responsibilities clearly, and each role is assigned to a particular person to perform. It sets the commitment of the specific tasks on a sole basis. It makes it easy to trace the outcomes and the responsible person.

  • Maintain Business Efficiency

Structuring your company from the outset makes your business more effective as you grow. Plan it, build it, and success will follow.

  • Attract more potential investors:

The corporate structure is in the interest of investors to step in. Promoters can move to the next level. Therefore, startups should seek implementation assistance from experts for their structuring activity.
BFAG’s solution for Corporate Structuring
BFAG (Boston Financial Advisory Group) is one such prominent expert in the industry. Choosing the right corporate structure is one of the biggest considerations for every business.
BFAG can take charge of your organizational structure, considering compliance and reporting, capital investment, complexity, taxation, the risk involved, and ability to grow. The experienced team advises and assists businesses in corporate structuring.

  • The BFAG team helps its clients bring in optimal corporate structure, ensuring smooth commercial activities.
  • The team drafts Shareholder Agreements to avoid conflicts.
  • It helps to structure private placements and acquisitions also.
  • It looks after corporate laws, regulations, and compliance in and outside the national boundaries.

BFAG provides the best Accounting and Financial Services. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you in maintaining your books of accounts.
So, get in touch with us to avail our services.
Contact us in case of any assistance or queries.

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