CPA Case Study

Case Study


When a Business expands its operations, managing data & documents emerge as one of the major problem. A Business also need to identify the areas that need to be reworked such as cutting the cost in certain field and adding more to another & It is possible to establish the long-term goals in Business when you outsource some of the back-end accounting operations. By outsourcing all your routine accounting functions, you’re able to focus on managing and growing your business.


CPA firm in Florida

Client's Challenges

  • Recruiting and retaining qualified resource for tax return preparation
  • Timely & quality delivery
  • Reducing the overall payroll cost
  • Administrative time & control mechanism
  • Providing value added services to the client

BFAG Back Office Services

  • Providing & maintaining a steady qualified resource pool
  • Drafting & implementing a process for activities such as tax return preparation, accounting, compilation of financial statements
  • Ensuring that a control mechanism is in place there by the client good exercise control from anywhere & at all times

Impact on Client's Business

  • No longer has the client had to worry about hiring and retaining the talent
  • Significant savings in payroll & administrative cost
  • Timely & quality delivery