Deal making: Lessons from M&A veterans

Deal making: Lessons from M&A veterans

A “Merger” is a term that refers to the consolidation of two separate entities into one. This transaction helps in improving the economies of scale and increasing the market share and distribution capabilities. The “Acquisition” occurs when a company buys most or all shares of another company, intending to gain control of that company.

Steps for a successful Merger & Acquisition deal:

1. A full-potential plan-

The buyer company should have a strong reason for the Merger or Acquisition. After finding the reason and identifying the opportunities, the buyer company can move ahead with a full potential approach. This step can be helpful in the growth of the target company and acquirer company as well. A rational plan may offer the chance for capitalising on the opportunity and up-gradation to the acquirer.

2. Rationale approach for cracking the deal-

The M & A process is not an easy task. Every stakeholder is involved at various levels, and they collectively put so much effort into cracking the deal. The investment team of the acquiring company should be focused and goal oriented. They may track the action of competitor companies and take the acquisition step at the right time. Effective M&A process converts when leadership supports the Due Diligence and Integration Process.

3. Execution of plan-
Merger or Acquisition happens effectively when every step is executed with speed and efficiency. From the start to the closing, the required steps of the M&A strategy should be implemented from day one. Diligent corporates work with a very positive attitude and focused mind. They work with a very well-structured plan and that too with back-to-back steps. They cannot afford to miss the opportunity due to delays in the execution.

4. Integration of company culture-
There may be a difference in the company culture of both entities. The winning company emphasises cultural integration. It becomes helpful in restructuring the organisation and enhances overall growth.

How BFAG assists in the M&A process?

A leading group, Boston Financial Advisory Group (BFAG) provides the best solution in Financial Services and Accounting. It provides the best Advisory Services in M&A from beginning to successful closure of the deal. The M&A expert team guides you in Deal – Making by offering value-added services such as:

● Evaluation of the plan and alternative strategies,
● Assistance in negotiation for successful closure of the deal,
● Advising the best process for the transaction,
● Assistance in drafting the offering memorandum,
● Assistance in valuation by using international accepted methods,
● Aiding your investment team with due diligence services.

BFAG assists in the integration of accounting and financial functions of merged entities after a successful merger deal. The benchmark of a successful merger is a well-structured plan and its execution from day one. Every step from the deal-making to the closing should be well planned and executed in order. This is the key success of effective M&A.

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