Direct Tax Services

Direct Tax Services

BFAG Approach

  • Establish tax strategies based on domain expertise and industry standards
  • Provide indepth compliance with efficient reporting
  • Helps you assess, improve and monitor your tax function’s processes, controls and risk management ( BFAG Compliance iNbox helps in monitoring all the regulatory compliances related to Tax regulation and time lines
  • Supports you in managing your relationships with tax authorities effectively

We provide our clients with a complete spectrum of tax advisory services ranging from tax planning to advice –

Business Tax Advisory and Compliance

  • Identifying Tax exposures and Tax planning
  • Documentation; preparation and review of tax returns
  • Cross Border taxation
  • Providing Assistance in Transfer pricing study and Documentation
  • Tax accounting under IFRS, IN GAAP or US GAAP
  • Assisting in building Organisational Strategy , process and System to manage complex Business environment.

Expat and Immigrants Taxation

  • Apart from the complicated tax laws, expatriates and immigrants require a thorough knowledge of the various treaties governing their taxation. BFAG offers expat and immigrant taxation services to ensure that you need not be hassled by the various ever-changing policies associated with your taxation. Our services include the following:
  • Short and long term tax planning as per US and Indian taxes to reduce overall tax liability
  • Filing of both US and Indian tax returns
  • Representation before IRS and Indian Income Tax Authorities for enquiries, notices, audits
  • Filing of Indian wealth tax returns and wealth tax planning
  • US exit tax returns

  • Access to consultants who can manage both your short term and long term needs
  • Hassle-free tax filing in the hands of domain experts who continuously keep track of changing regulations and treaties

BFAG Individual Tax Advisory and Compliance

  • Boston Financial is specialized in offering Tax Planning, Preparation and Filing of US Individual Income Tax Return services for US Citizens, Green Card Holders, Expatriates from other countries
  • Our services, personalized for each individual:
  • Calculation and optimization of Indian and US tax deductions and claims;
  • Treatment of expenses incurred abroad;
  • Claiming foreign tax credit in US for taxes paid in any other country;
  • Taxation for first year migrants to the US;
  • Taxation for resident/ non-resident tax payers with parents/spouse/children living abroad;
  • Taxation associated with ESOPs or similar plans;
  • Dual status tax returns filing.

  • Quick and accurate tax calculation taking cognizance of both Indian and US tax laws
  • Support for filing of returnsto reduce the possibility of erroneous filings
  • Access to consultants who can optimize tax payments and claims to your benefit

Non Residents’ Taxation

  • India is a favorite investment destination for NRIs. The taxation associated with their investments in stocks, bonds, real estate etc can often be quite complicated. The number of US residents investing in India is also on the rise. The tax implications of the investments they make overseas are governed by another set of regulations. BFAG offers the following taxation services for US residents having income / property / assets in India and NRIs having income in India:
  • Filing of Indian income tax return;
  • Filing of Indian wealth tax return;
  • Tax planning to reduce current and future tax liabilities.

  • Access to domain experts who can help you with strategic investment and tax planning;
  • Tax consulting, calculation and filing at affordable prices.