Engagement Process

Engagement Process

Assessment & Proposal

During this initial phase, Our Domain & Process experts work with the client to;

  • Understand and document the Systems, Process that are in use
  • Understand the corporate culture
  • Assess the volume of transactions or process that is to be outsourced
  • Understand the business the client is into and the specific requirements
  • Define the desired process and the expected outcome
  • Likely impact of transition

Work Flow Design

Once the proposal is accepted, we set forth to;

  • Design the best work flow suitable for the outsourced activity
  • Define the Process and internal controls, Scope
  • Define the document flow
  • Define the Organisation structure for the outsourced activity
  • Define the desired process and the expected outcome
  • Define the migration roadmap which includes timeline, resource deployment, software

SLA Development & Risk Management

Based on the data gathered during the initial phases and on completion of process definition, scope, we decide on the below;

  • MIS structure and the frequency
  • Timelines for reporting critical KPI’s
  • Abnormal reports

Implementation & Service Management

We follow different approaches to implementation of the agreed transition plan depending on the volume & complexity of business. This is a critical phase and as such we look into the following aspects;

  • Each process is well defined and agreed, any changes to the same are updated
  • Training of deployed staff on the standard operating process
  • Information regarding SLA are shared
  • Tracking status of implementation using various project management tools & perform course correction to make processes more efficient
  • Processes are reviewed from viewpoint of consistent & accurate delivery of tasks assigned
  • Ensure improved accuracy & efficiency by placing additional checks, automation wherever possible, internal control methods
  • Overall outsourced activity is controlled thru regular reporting, monitoring and suitable dashboards