Execution Methodology

Execution Methodology

Preferably BFAG works on two models ie Dedicated resource Model and Hourly Rate Model. Both these models are designed to increase delivery efficiency, result into cost reduction and at the same time ensure timely and quality delivery of our finance & accounts, compliance and payroll services. The type of model that best suits a clients requirement depends on the volume and complexity of business. But whatever model is chosen, we ensure flexibility, scalability at all times.

Working in Cloud Environment

In this case both client and Service provider access the same software Application with separate dedicated login access.

Remote Desktop

We use remote login application like Citrix, LogMeIn etc. to access the CPA server and carry out the work as if any other employee of CPA is working. We will use the Login ids provided to BFAG users, so all the data entered and processed would be tracked by CPA Supervisor.

Working in LAN Environment

In this case, we use our own License software for Accounting and for Tax we use license provided by Client and after processing the information and preparing the returns, soft copy is forwarded to the client for review.