Startup Advisory Consulting – What all you can expect

Startup Advisory Consulting – What all you can expect

The success of a startup is a melting pot of various factors like the right product, the right time of launch, the right target market, among others. One important factor that has contributed to the success of an overwhelming majority of startups is a strong financial advisor and consultant.

A startup advisor can use the functional expertise to help entities get off the ground. They can help a startup find its place in the market, create a network, find funding, provide recommendations, and, in general, function as a sounding board for founders. An advisor can sometimes also bring in consulting expertise. In this role, they can complement the existing skill set of the team by contributing to the business in a more direct manner and fulfilling the existing lacuna of a particular capability. The exact role a startup advisor plays, however, is different for each business and its changing needs as it grows.

You can expect a startup advisor to provide functional and technical expertise and help you with connecting with the right people for funding or strategic networking. Once you hire a startup advisor, you can not only have a trustworthy and expert guide, but also someone who will devote his time to helping your business. This entity can function from being someone you can bounce ideas off of to being someone who helps with the nitty gritty of your business.

Startup Solutions

Boston Financial Group (Boston FA) provides a ‘Start Up Solution‘ for fledgling enterprises in which it takes up the role of an advisor. It can help startups to register under the Indian government’s Startup India initiative which will help such firms to get tax exemption for income, exemption on investment above fair market value, rebate in patent filing fee, among other benefits.

Business Formation and Capital

Boston FA assists startups in determining the right form of business entity which helps create maximum value for promoters. While advising on structuring, the company explores options like Pvt Ltd companies, LLP, drafts shareholder agreements, and provides support on laws, regulations and their compliance. It also helps startups raise funds from various sources like angel investors, venture capitalists, institutional finance. Funding does not come easy, though, as apart from a novel idea, it requires a sound business plan.

Market Landscape

Boston FA can also help startups devise a sound plan and strategy to approach the market. It conducts thorough market research, competitor analysis, and financial forecasting, to name a few services to help an enterprise build a comprehensive business plan. This can help founders and promoters to devise a strategy for their business, prioritize efficiently, review their strategies, and manage a change in the business environment.

Startups can also leverage Boston FA’s experience and expertise in mergers and acquisitions at each stage of the process and avoid issues like incorrect valuations and inappropriate post-merger integration.

BFAG (Boston Financial Advisory Group) provides the best accounting and financial servicesand also help in incorporating overseas entity. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you in your endeavors.

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