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All you need to know when merging with a big firm

M&A’s have benefited many enterprises in becoming more prominent than what they could have managed by themselves. Several entities working in the same industries are bound to create a better competitive background for themselves. Instead of competing with one another, start-ups are entering into M&A’s to achieve their organizational...

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The next big thing in CPA solution

Technology – The next big thing in CPA Backoffice Solution

With the technology running rapidly ahead with every second, the very nature of our businesses has changed. We have gone from paper to virtual files and from board meetings packed with people to virtual conferencing! Satya Nadella of Microsoft stated that “Information Technology is at the core of how...

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Hiring a part time Outsourced CFO who is also a CPA_ Isn’t it a great idea

Hiring a part time Outsourced CFO who is also a CPA? Isn’t it a great idea?

Here we are to discuss about the positive possibilities of hiring a CFO for startups, small and midsize companies. For that, lets first understand what exactly are CFOs. The chief financial officer is the one who bears the responsibility for managing the company’s finances, along with the financial planning,...

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