The Importance of Financial Analytics to Businesses

The Importance of Financial Analytics to Businesses

The finance function is considered the lifeblood of any business, and for good reason. It helps channelize the monetary resources required to run a business. Even if the core product or service of a business is not related to the financial world, this function plays a crucial role. Its efficiency can shape the future of the business. On the other hand, the inefficient management of finances can lead to a significant appreciation in the cost of doing business, leading to a decline in profits which may eventually lead to a business becoming unviable.

Given its importance, it becomes natural to make efforts to keep the financial house in order. This is especially true in the times of today. Like with other things, the finance function has also seen a change in its role over time. This has happened because of the evolution of technology which has allowed automation of some sub-functions of finance. With executives not having to worry about functions like reconciliation and processing, they can focus on the broader goals of a business. This is where Financial Analytics come into play.

Financial Analytics makes use of the data available with a business to draw in-depth insights and help executives make key decisions that can have a significant impact on its future. It can help answer questions related to the present state of business in a detailed manner and can help owners take timely decisions. Such timely decisions can improve cash flow and increase the profitability of a business. Conversely, it can also help improve the utilization of financial resources by cutting down on waste. This simple action can help a business gain an edge over its competitors.

The finance function can leverage technology to help study Financial Analytics. It can deploy tools like those offered by the Boston Financial Advisory Group (BFAG) to become more effective in decision making. The services provided by BFAG and its team of experts can help businesses conduct a deep dive into their financial statements. The BFAG Group provides support in the following areas:

  • Customer Profitability Analytics
  • Cash Flow Analytics
  • Share Holder Value Analytics

This is just a snapshot of what BFAG can help businesses with. It can also help them understand the risks they are exposed to and a segment-wise profitability report which can help them make decisions on their product line. If a business makes proprietary investments, BFAG’s services can assess if those investments are performing at the desired level.

As can be seen, quite easily, the Financial Analytics services by BFAG can deliver immense value to businesses.

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