The secret behind very low accounting outsourcing fee

The secret behind very low accounting outsourcing fee

The secret behind very low accounting outsourcing fee

Account outsourcing is picking up pace in the markets as companies prefer to have an outside firm managing their accounts, which grants them various benefits as compared to an in-house accounting department!

This type of operation is not only an efficient way to manage the accounts but it is also very cost friendly! The reason for this is very simple!

India is a hub for account outsourcing! The reason people prefer it is the currency value. One US dollar equals approximately to 70 INR and 0.81 Pound Sterling which is 71 INR. The fees that are charged in INR thus seem very less when we consider it with respect to the value of dollar or pound sterling.

The reason behind this is that once that fee gets converted and paid up in INR, it is sufficient in terms of the low cost of living and the overall Asian Market rate.

For firms situated abroad and also for their outsourcing partners in India, this is a win-win situation as both the firms are satisfied in terms of the monetary benefits that they get! The profit margins of the company significantly increase, as there is a decrease in the overhead costs which come along with an in-house accounting department!

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