VC Firm Case Study

Case Study

Client's Challenges

The challenges that were faced by the client were

  • Recruiting and retaining qualified resource
  • Timely & quality delivery
  • Administrative time & control mechanism
  • Providing value added services to the client
  • Messed up financials
  • Delay in making Business decisions by the Management
  • Investing more time in Accounting, bookkeeping, payroll & Tax return preparation


Venture Capitalist Firm from Massachusetts

BFAG support Solution

  • Accurate Books of Accounts
  • Effective use of technology
  • Help in Business diversification
  • Support for global Business expansion
  • Management information system helped to take smart & faster decision

Impact on Client's Business

  • No longer has the client had to worry about hiring and retaining the talent
  • Significant savings in payroll & administrative cost
  • Control mechanism is in place