Why a Company Secretary is needed in your company?

Why a Company Secretary is needed in your company?

A Company Secretary is a senior position in any company. Although the name seems clerical, the actual job is of a CS who is commonly responsible for compliances with rules and regulations. A CS keeps the company and its members in check and aware of their legal position.
To understand why a CS is so important, we first need to see some of the functions of a CS in the company.

The Company Secretary
1. Acts as an advisor to the top management and board of directors for formulating plans and policies;
2. Deals with almost all departments in a firm, from share allotments to various report formulations. His/her presence in the firm ensures that the there is a structured operation that the company follows;
3. Acts as an agent of the company who drafts corporate documents and agreements and has the authority to represent the firm in various contractual relations and agreements;
4. Schedules board meetings and drafts documentation:
5.Maintains Company Records and records of legal works
6. Files various returns and forms etc.
From the above brief description, it is evident that a CS has many crucial functions in any company and having a Company Secretary is quite vital as the owners or the top management cannot run all the errands.
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