Why to choose outsourcing over in-housing

Why to choose outsourcing over in-housing

Managing accounting & payroll is major part of any business.

Many businesses prefer to manage their operations in-house but frequently changes in regulations and compliance policies is difficult to upkeep and maintain books of accounts. Hence, many companies prefer to outsource their finance and accounting operations.

In this article, we will look at the advantages of outsourcing for those organizations where scalability & managing accounting is an issue.

  1. Experts under one roof

When a business tries to do accounting on its own by hiring resources, there are chances of in accurate and in appropriate books of accounts due to lack of experience & efficiency of the accountant and he/she may not be master in accounts.

By outsourcing accounting to a team of experts in their field, you will get access to the latest technology, up to date books of accounts, payroll on time, tax preparation before due date, extensive knowledge on new laws and regulations and far from penalties.

2.Cost Effective

In house bookkeepers or accountants has several duties to perform on daily basis and a business must pay salary to entire team which is costlier for any company. More over hiring and firing resources during the busy season is a hassle.

Instead of paying several people in one department, you can pay one company and you have no responsibilities towards them. By Outsourcing accounting, business can save time and money throughout the year and cost savings are realized at year-end. Outsourcing is always going to be cheaper than in housing.

3.Business growth

In case of in house accounting, management has to spend more time in order to correct or rectify errors in books of accounts.

Outsourcing your accounting ensures that you have up to date and accurate monthly reports, financial statements on finger tips when you need to take any financial decision. This ultimately helps you to focus on your business growth rather spending time in correcting books of accounts.

4.Control Mechanism

It is hard to find right individual who can perform as a controller and if found, they demand for high-salary.

As a business owner You may not have a tremendous accounting knowledge, but you certainly have some ideas on how you like to see your reports. Outsourcing partner will take your business plans and reporting preferences and arrange them into an easy to read and comprehensive format as per your needs. As a business owner this enables you to have a better control because all your company’s financial reports and data along with accurate analysis will be available with a few clicks of the mouse.


If you are doing accounting inhouse that means you are not flexible enough to scale your business which most of the leaders overlook.

By having a team of outsourced accounting specialists on standby, you can add significant scalability to your team by outsourcing specific functions. This helps your team to deliver quality work without disrupting government operations and services. Outsourced bookkeeping lets you make the best decisions for the continued success of your business.

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