Work from Home – How Boston Financial made a successful transition

Work from Home – How Boston Financial made a successful transition

The world’s economy is witnessing a cascading effect these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and It has thrown up quite a few operational challenges.

BFAG (Boston Financial Advisory Group) , leading outsourcing company for accounting and financial consulting, focuses a lot on the safety and security of its employees, data security, meeting the delivery timelines.

In order to achieve the above, BFAG management and its resources have been quite proactive. At the onset of this pandemic, we at BFAG have taken certain timely steps to ensure that work from home becomes a smooth affair;

  1.  Technology: It has always played a very important role at the time of crisis and thus, to provide support for all our resources working from home, we have moved one of our “TALLY” to the cloud. The rest of the financial accounting software such as Quick Books etc. were already on the cloud.
  2.  Data/Information Security: All our data files are tightly secured on Compliance iNBOX (CiB). This is a proprietary application from BFAG for workflow management and Dataroom. This is hosted on the cloud. This is helping us to work freely from anywhere, even from the comforts of our homes. We have well defined standard protocols that ensure data security and privacy.
  3. IT Infra support: Ensuring that all the staff is provided with secure laptops, internet connections, access to accounting software, CiB and other related applications.
  4. Video Conferencing /Calling: All the meetings conducted through Zoom or Skype and we ensure maximum documentation for work meetings.
  5. Redesign of Business Process: Sticking to Office time, setting expectations, Planning, Update, Review, document rather than verbal instructions, keeping team engagement levels high are some of the measures adopted to ensure maximum participation and timely delivery.
  6. Communication with Customers: Informing the client about the situation and the steps that were/are taken to tide over this crisis. They were also informed about what they can expect and what can get delayed. Most Importantly, keeping them always informed and requesting their cooperation.

We are now fully equipped to handle the situation until everything normalizes.
We are most thankful to our clients for their patience during this change.
Stay safe, stay Healthy and Stay at Home!!

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